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Introduction to Hypnobirthing

Video 1

What is Hypnobirthing and how can it help you have a calmer, easier and shorter labour?

Video 2

How fear creates pain in labour and how managing fear is the key to a comfortable labour

Video 3

How meditation and visualization can help you prepare for your labour

Video 4

How to breathe through your surges

Video 5

How to know you're in labour and when to go to the hospital

Video 6

What you can do if your labour slows or stops

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10 ways that hypnobirthing can help you manage labour pain and have a shorter, calmer, easier and quicker labour.


Promotes Relaxation: Hypnobirthing techniques, such as deep breathing and visualization, induce a state of deep relaxation. This relaxation helps reduce muscle tension and allows for a smoother and more comfortable labour experience. 

Reduces Fear and Anxiety: Hypnobirthing aims to address and alleviate the fear and anxiety surrounding childbirth. By using positive affirmations and visualizations, it helps create a calm and positive mindset, which can lead to a more efficient and less painful labour.

Enhances Natural Pain Relief: Hypnobirthing techniques stimulate the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain-relieving hormones. These hormones help manage pain during labour without the need for medical interventions or pain medication.

Increases Confidence: Hypnobirthing empowers expectant parents by teaching them self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques. This increased confidence allows individuals to trust their bodies and instincts during labour, leading to a more positive and empowered birthing experience.

Enhances Bonding: Hypnobirthing emphasizes the involvement of birthing partners and encourages their active participation during labour. This involvement fosters a stronger bond between the parents and enhances their overall experience of childbirth.

Improves Birth Environment: Hypnobirthing emphasizes creating a calm and supportive birth environment. Dimmed lights, soothing music, and a peaceful ambiance can help reduce stress and promote a relaxed state during labour, leading to a smoother and quicker birth process.

Reduces the Need for Medical Interventions: Hypnobirthing techniques aim to promote a natural and unhindered birthing process. By reducing fear, tension, and anxiety, hypnobirthing can help decrease the need for medical interventions, such as epidurals, inductions, or caesarean sections.

Facilitates Optimal Positioning: Hypnobirthing encourages optimal fetal positioning, which can lead to a more efficient labour. Techniques like guided imagery and visualization can help guide the baby into an ideal position, reducing the risk of complications and promoting a smoother delivery.

Promotes Positive Communication: Hypnobirthing emphasizes effective communication between the birthing woman, her partner, and the healthcare providers. Clear communication and birth preferences can help create a supportive atmosphere and ensure that the birthing plan aligns with the individual's desires and needs.

Enhances Postpartum Recovery: A calmer and more relaxed birthing experience facilitated by hypnobirthing techniques can contribute to a smoother postpartum recovery. Mothers who have experienced a calmer birth tend to feel more energized, positive, and mentally prepared for the challenges of early motherhood.


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What's the difference between Hypnobirthing and the Calm Birth Method



  • Focuses on self-hypnosis techniques.
  • Aims to create a deeply relaxed state during labor.
  • Emphasizes pain management and positive birth experience.
  • Uses visualization, affirmations, and breathing techniques.
  • Helps you manage pain and reduce anxiety through self-hypnosis.

Calm Birth:

  • Combines mindfulness practices, emotional resilience, and relaxation techniques.
  • Tailored specifically to pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Cultivates inner serenity and connection throughout the birthing journey.
  • Addresses emotional well-being alongside pain management.
  • Promotes a tranquil and empowered birthing experience.

These points highlight the distinguishing features and approaches of each program, showcasing their unique focuses within the realm of childbirth education.